Operations Management

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Step in to the role as a CEO
Encourage your coworkers
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In order to perform in the role of operational manager, insight in goals, management and workprocesses is necessary. This education provides you with this ability.

What you learn

In order to perform in the role of operational manager, insight is needed into which goals, management forms and type of work organization make the business efficient with regard to customer benefit and resource use.

Business management therefore develops your ability to lead, manage and develop a business at operational management level.

In order for you to have practical use of the knowledge you learn, it is important that the training is anchored to your and the other participants' business activities. It is important mainly for two reasons:

  • You get a uniquely adapted education shaped according to your goals and experiences
  • You get a relevant education that has a direct connection to reality

Results after education

  • You can set operational goals that arouse employee commitment
  • You can design working methods and processes that provide the conditions for high performance
  • You can make the operational control comprehensible and manageable for employees
  • You know how operational management forms affect customer satisfaction, resource efficiency and employee satisfaction
  • You can handle people's different approaches to change
  • You are one step closer to a Business Executive Degree


In the first part, you will learn to identify and map the company's target structure and business processes to make visible how the organization creates customer value in the operational activities.

  • Resource- and flow-oriented control
  • Goal management based on customer value
  • The role and task of leadership
  • Systems thinking and process orientation
  • Process mapping
  • Introduction of processes and the work with process improvements

In the second part, you will learn how governance and management should be designed to make it easy for employees and managers to perform at a high level. And how the organization should be able to continuously develop in a certain direction.

  • Performance management
  • Analysis of performance issues
  • Feedback on performance
  • Presentation of achieved achievements
  • Improvement and change work
  • Labor law

The last part includes a business development project that will improve an organization's operational skills. The project work is carried out in a group for an external client who has a current operational challenge based on a performance problem.

  • Identify the causes of the current operational challenge/performance problem
  • Identify and formulate the effect target in the desired situation
  • Design and evaluate possible solutions that can improve operational prowess
  • Recommend a solution that can meet the impact goal

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Education fee: 69 900 SEK*
Registration fee 2,500 SEK*
Literature included

*In the case of private financing , the price includes VAT, in the case of corporate financing, VAT is added

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