Strategic Business Development

The Last step to the Business Executive Degree
Develop a business project
Finish your exam
Take the executive position
The Final semester for you who have studied three semesters at IHM and are holding or are about to enter a role where you have responsibility for developing a business organization.


Strategic Business Development focuses on giving you the methods to manage a business development project at the highest professional level. During the training, all participants complete a practical business case under real conditions - with the guidance of supervisors from IHM. 

The final examination stage approves you as a professional business developer - and certifies you with a Business Executive Degree (provided that all parts of the course are completed).

The learning outcomes of the course also lead to a qualification at SeQF 6 level.

Results after the program

You get new tools and perspectives that you will make great use of in all work where real customer insight must be translated into better results in product and service development, marketing, communication and sales. A toolbox of methods and working methods to solve problems and challenges that otherwise cost a lot of time and resources in real business and development projects.


In this first part of the program, you will develop your ability to evaluate a business challenge that triggers the need for a business development project and create the focus and scope of the work to be done within the framework of the project.

The new or existing business opportunity that you identify becomes the starting point for the problem description that determines the purpose and goals of the business development project.

In order for the project to be able to reach its goal, it is central to understand the customer needs that underlie the business opportunity.

  • Analysis of the current situation of a company to prioritize future business opportunities
  • To determine the customer need underlying the chosen business opportunity
  • Methods for exploring customer needs and customer value

In the second part of the program, you get to develop your ability to independently identify and formulate the commercially sustainable course of action/solutions that you then test and evaluate in the business development project.

It is about identifying what is most attractive and what best matches the organization's capabilities. You also get to develop your ability to critically review the work method and information gathering used to carry out tests and evaluations.

  • From customer needs to price & product solutions
  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Description of the potential and financial value of various business opportunities

In the third part of the program, you will develop your ability to analyze and assess whether the solution you have arrived at is feasible in the organization in question, taking into account business benefit and potential risk for the project's stakeholders. You also get to develop your ability to orally and in writing give an account of and discuss alternative courses of action.

  • Organizational barriers and challenges
  • Design of implementation plan and "business case"
  • Business examination of the feasibility

In the final part of the program, together with other participants in a group, you will develop your ability to independently lead internal and external business development projects for an external client.

You get the opportunity to test and strengthen your ability to handle the complexity that arises in this type of project including everything from people with different interests, priorities and the driving forces that operate inside and outside the client's organization.

  • Assignment description and project plan
  • Evaluation of action options/solutions
  • Implementation plan and business case

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Fee: 69 900 SEK*

Registration fee: 2 500 SEK*

VAT is excluded for companies but included in the price above when paying as a private person


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