Project Management

Deliver higher value from projects
Lead successful projects
Reach your goals
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The Goal of a Project Manager is to guide people to achieve results together. The Goal of this education is to develop your performance as a project manager to the highest level.

What you learn

Trough IHM Project Management you gain knowledge in leadership and communication to achieve it in complex and dynamic environments, using both traditional and agile methods.

In order for you to have practical use of the knowledge you learn, IHM connects the program to your and the other participants' business activities. 

Results after education

  • You can lead projects with the support of relevant project methods (both traditional and agile)
  • You know the professional standards established within industry organizations such as IPMA & PMI
  • Based on the client's challenges, you can create a relevant orientation and scope within the framework of the project
  • You can analyze and assess the feasibility of a project taking business benefit and risk for the project's stakeholders into account 

The Process

The training captures the understanding of the business in a relatively short time.

The method is based on you applying the ideas presented in the program in practical cases, business simulations and in your own business.

In the lessons, you explore together with the other participants and the teacher, how new knowledge can be applied in the company's situation. In workshops around practical decision-making issues, you get the opportunity to develop your skills and test your competence.

After each lesson, you rehearse and reinforce your understanding of the new knowledge by watching short films that summarize the central points of knowledge, and as well deepen your knowledge in the field via literature studies.


In the first part, you learn to master the initial phases of a project. The phases aim to estimate the scope of work included in the project and the value of the effects that should occur when the project reaches its goal.

Among other things, you need to investigate whether the benefit that the project can deliver exceeds the cost of implementing it. The pilot study is an important basis for you as a leader when you communicate the purpose of the project to everyone involved in order to make it meaningful to participate in.

  • Team building
  • Project and business value
  • Business Case
  • Stakeholders and the outside world
  • The scope of the project
  • Basis for decision

In this part of the program, you develop your ability to plan, control and lead the implementation of a project. You will encounter practical contexts where you must be able to assess the scope of the work and the demands placed on the project, but also be able to anticipate the problems that the project may face.

Another challenge in the role of project manager is dealing with people with different interests, priorities and driving forces within and outside the project. A project is always faced with various goals and conflicts of interest and your role as a project manager is to be able to handle these.

  • Planning process
  • Time and resource planning
  • Project finance and communication
  • Risk analysis and follow-up
  • Simulations of a project implementation in traditional and agile bottling

In the final part, you design and plan a business or operational project in a group with other participants. The project work is carried out for an external client who has a current assignment, the aim is to achieve a desirable business benefit within some part of the business.

  • Formulate the project's purpose and goals
  • Current situation analysis of the project's internal and external conditions
  • WBS
  • Time and resource planning
  • Communication planning
  • Risk analysis and follow-up
  • Critical review of selected methods and working methods

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Fee: 69 900 SEK*

Registration fee: 2 500 SEK*

VAT is excluded for companies but included in the price above when paying as a private person


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