Business Management

Learn to take the right decisions in business
Secure the basis to stand on
Get confindent in business
Apply your knowledge directly
IHM Business Management gives you an overall perspective of a successful commercial operation based on marketing, finance, organisation and leadership.


Organization, finance, marketing and leadership must function optimally, individually, but also together. In Business Management, you get the overall picture you need to understand your business and organization in depth.

The training captures the understanding of the business together with professional supervisors and participants, based on this realistic context and IHM's practically designed pedagogy, Sweden's strongest course of study in Business Management is formed.

The Process

The method behind the training is based on you applying the ideas that the training presents in practice cases, business simulations and in your own business.  

In the lessons, you explore together with other participants and teachers how new knowledge can be applied in the company's situation. In workshops around practical decision-making issues, you get the opportunity to develop your skills and to test your competence. 

After each lesson, you can rehearse and reinforce your understanding of the new knowledge by watching short films that summarize the central points of knowledge, and deepen your knowledge in the field via literature studies.   


  • Basic and comprehensive understanding of what is included in a profitable business operation 
  • The ability to make well-founded business decisions  based on relevant decision bases
  • Understanding of the connection between finance, marketing, organization and leadership
  • Organizational overview and business overview
  • Uniquely tailored business knowledge shaped around your specific challenges and goals
  • Participation in the broad business network that IHM provides
  • First step towards a Business Executive Degree completed

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Education fee: 69 900 SEK*
Registration fee 2,500 SEK*
Literature included

*In the case of private financing , the price includes VAT, in the case of corporate financing, VAT is added

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Business Executive Degree

Four terms that secure your ability as a successful business leader


In this part, we focus on what the company creates today and how it does business. What characterizes the organization and what distinguishes it from others. And what makes it more or less successful.

  • People's approach to change
  • The business model – the basis for the company's success
  • The economics of the business model
  • The match between customer and offer
  • See the connections behind profitability
  • How the business model becomes competitive
  • How the company's efficiency is assessed
  • To determine the current state of the company

In this part, we highlight how the company chooses which future business opportunities will form the basis of the business. Changes in the outside world lead to a company with many businesses and recurring products having to assess which of these parts to invest in, keep or wind down. We also touch on how management works to steer the organization towards high performance.

  • The company's business challenges
  • How the company's finances are planned and followed up
  • Business choice and risk
  • Business choice from an economic perspective
  • Organization and management of the company

Here you carry out a business simulation that is training in business decision-making in a dynamic and changing business environment. In each decision round, the business outcome must be interpreted and the strategy reconsidered. Follow-up and measurement of success is done using a number of different key figures, market reports and performance reports.

  • Identify the current situation and the company's business challenge
  • Determine business strategy
  • Repeatedly implement and reconsider the chosen business strategy