For anyone who wishes to understand the digital transformation, and how individuals and companies can use digital tools for greater efficiency and maximum competitive power.

Digitalisation is changing the way we live, what we do and how
we communicate with each other. The customers of the future are
aware, well-informed and more autonomous than ever. Meanwhile, opportunities for exposure in different channels have never
been greater.
Adapting to customer’s new wishes and requirements regarding
how products, services and information are consumed is necessary for companies in the future. Digitalisation makes it possible to
move from believing, to knowing. Following these insights is not
only an opportunity to retain current positions, but also a distinct
competitive advantage and a means of building competitiveness
in a global environment, with often high demands on running the
operation with profitable growth.

• Ability to define trends and technological shifts that have
the greatest impact on your business
• Ability to manage your personal relationship with change,
and to use tools for lifelong learning
• Ability to understand how digitalisation can create opportunities for higher growth and profitability in your business
• Ability to define the most important steps in practical success
• Growing personal leadership to inspire the
organisation towards continued development

Digitalisation and its opportunities
Tools for a digital work approach

Length: 2 days

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