Vision & Mission

At IHM we dispel old truths and find new approaches that strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish trade and industry.

We acknowledge people who lead, invest in and carve out a path for professional business developers, enabling them to innovate, solve problems and clear the barriers to renewal.

We believe in courageous people who dare to take risks, and who know that the fastest road to success is to see setbacks as learning opportunities.

At IHM, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs can surround themselves with like-minded people who spur them on and help them to hone incisive new ideas. We provide personnel with relevant, modern knowledge so that they can be more independent and take responsibility for their contribution to the business.

After a period of hard work at IHM, they bring new strength to their companies with renewed self-confidence, courage and competence to take action and take the business into the future.

Our Vision

Inspiring people to create future business

Our Mission

We develop the skills and abilities that develop trade and industry. Our mission is to offer individuals and companies business education programmes and collaborations that bring benefit, now and in the future.

We shape and allow ourselves to be shaped by the wider world environment, centred in international trade and industry which are constantly changing.

IHM Business School is a private, independent business school, wholly owned by the not-for-profit IHM Foundation. We operate at our own business schools in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö – and externally on our customers’ premises.

Passion Statements

Passion for Business – A deep insight and appreciation of the modern business world
Passion for Learning – To embrace dynamic learning processes
Passion for People – An exceptional ability to make people and companies grow