The School for Professional Business Developers

At IHM Business School students are directed into situations of decision making, increasingly and increasingly developing their ability to apply correct understanding on complicated contexts from real conditions - resulting in a fast rising learningcurve in the art of Business.

All our programmes are based on what individuals and the business community need in terms of basic business, management and leadership skills, as well as contemporary knowledge and practical know-how in various business-oriented roles.


Our focus is on developing the abilities of the working executive in five principal areas:

  • Helicopter view – seeing the broader context of a situation, and quickly being able to discern cause and effect
  • Problem-solving ability – the ability to resolve a situation on time, and in an appropriate manner
  • Interpersonal skills – the ability to work with and through others
  • Powers of persuasion and conviction – the ability to influence other people’s opinions and perceptions
  • Self-insight – the ability to critically examine one’s own judgement and adapt one’s behaviour accordingly

These abilities can only develop with time, which is why the duration of the programme is crucial. But at the same time we only have limited time to devote to training and education, which makes the choice of training method even more important.

We are at the forefront of Blended Learning, the education approach which best develops skills and ability over time.