Man´s world

Greetings from The U. S!

It´s such a great opportunity to get an insight of how this company works to stay being on top of it. This week I have attended several big meetings like meetings for the General Managers, Sales managers, Orientation day for all new employees and Diversity training.

It´s a special feeling when you listen to Americans when they have presentations, they have that special Go that I think is neccessary in all sales driven organisations.

A quote that I like goes like this Today is always the most productive day of the week! I got goose bumps by listening to John Bergstrom, CEO/Founder of the company, when he talked infront of all the stores General Managers. I`ll bring with me these things for life and I get so many ideas that I`ll bring back to the car industry back home.

When I sat at these different meetings and I looked around, I was surrounded by only men. The car industry is a man´s world, and a lot of opportunity for goal oriented women.

I have talked to some people and asked why they think it´s so many men working in the car business, and the most people think it´s because of the work hours. The Sales Professionals at the Dealerships here work between 52-60 hours per week, and every saturday 8-5.

Their vacation system is a lot different then ours as well, the americans get chocked when I tell them how many weeks of vacation we get after have been working within the company for one year.

Stay warm and tuned/