U.S next

Hi teachers, students and prospective students.

The countdown has begun until my trip to the U.S. takes place. I leave Sweden the 29th of December to be met by the president of the company Richard. A. Bergstrom at the airport in Appleton, Wisconsin.

It's quite a story, I shall take it from the beginning. My name is Charlotte Bergström and I`m 22 years old. Before I started at IHM Business School, I lived in the U.S. and played soccer for a year. After that I was ready to start my business career and moved to London in England and began working as a saleswoman at Oxford Street. I had two great years, where I learned invaluable things. Back in Sweden I needed to add a theoretical background to the work I had done. IHM Business School was an obvious choice for me.

I've been working extra in the car industry and I see that industry as incredibly exciting with a lot of development opportunities. I did my first internship at Bilia where I was in the sales department, and where I now do work in parallel with my studies.

One day my dad came home from the northern part of Sweden where he had done some history research with my grandfather. My grandfather's dad´s half-brother John Bergstrom emigrated to the U.S. in the 1850’s and my dad found out that John Bergstrom had sent an address to where he lived, which was Chicago. I immediately became curious and began hitting the old church books on the internet and searched on Google. I found Bergstrom Automotive and that they also had a John Bergstrom who emigrated from Sweden in the 1850’s.

I sent my CV and a personal letter to Bergstrom Automotive. That was an email that lead to an unbelievable story, because the following day I received a reply from Richard. A. Bergstrom who is the president of Bergstrom Automotive. Now I have a dream internship and maybe an extended family, and I will never forget what Richard and his family have done for me in order to extract as much as possible from my Internship.

Stay tuned/