Growth & Marketing Strategy

Brands and marketing grows together
Develop strong brands
Create competitiveness
Streamline marketing
IHM Growth & Marketing Strategy provides you with the skills to establish the right approach and scope in the work required to create a cohesive, consistent marketing strategy


In the Growth & Marketing Strategy course, you place your skills in brand development, product development and service development at the forefront of the market. This is your opportunity to understand how to build a marketing strategy from the ground up that creates both growth and sustainability over time.


  • You can develop and implement an effective marketing strategy based on the company's business challenge
  • You can assess the feasibility of the marketing strategy taking into account business benefit and business risk
  • You have a holistic perspective on brand development, value proposition, service design and product development
  • You can analyze, assess and manage the complex issues and situations that arise in the work with a market strategy - within both B2C and B2B
  • You are one step closer to a Business Executive Degree


Customers, staff and partners today demand that companies and their brands reflect sustainable values ​​and have clear and transparent processes around their sustainability work. In the education, we therefore place great emphasis on knowledge development within various sustainability aspects of market work, in both specific course elements and overall pedagogy.


In this sub-qualification, you will learn how, based on the company's business challenges, you assess the strengths and weaknesses of the brand and the product/service range offered under the brand's name. You will also learn to identify and assess the competitive and environmental factors that characterize the growth phase that characterizes the market at the moment. Your observations and conclusions then become the starting point for choosing the direction of the market strategy.

  • Business strategy and market strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Intellectual property rights and the brand
  • The focus on the company's product development/service development
  • The current situation and choice of focus on the market strategy

In this part of the program, you will develop your ability to design the brand and the range offered under its name, based on different conditions in the business.

You will encounter practical contexts where you must be able to master variations in customer requirements and needs as well as competition and changes in the environment. When implementing a market strategy, you are faced with various goals and conflicts of interest, and in your role as market and product manager, you must be able to handle these.

  • Brand development
  • Development & design of the value proposition
  • Go to market
  • Methods for analysis and evaluation as well as measures for follow-up
  • Evaluate the business benefit and risk of the marketing strategy

In this final part of the training, together with a group of participants, you will have the opportunity to explore the company's business challenge and, based on your observations, determine the direction of the market strategy. The project work is carried out for an external client.

  • Analyze and assess the current situation
  • Identify and specify the business challenge
  • Evaluate market strategic action options
  • Recommend focus on the market strategy
  • Critical review of selected models and working methods

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Education fee: 69 900 SEK*
Registration fee 2,500 SEK*
Literature included

*In the case of private financing , the price includes VAT, in the case of corporate financing, VAT is added

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