Our programs

IHM’s developers draw up each program in collaboration with field specialists from our extensive network of expert teaching staff. These specialists all work in their particular field and integrate real-life, authentic business cases into their teaching.


We believe in lifelong learning and offer different programs and levels of education depending on the student’s current situation and future aspirations. All of the programs have a carefully developed content and format, in order to match conditions in the real business world as closely as possible.

All teaching is done in Swedish.

Developing yourself in the heart of business - in parallel with your job

IHM’s training programs always strive to reflect the current business climate. We are well aware that many people encounter occasions in their professional lives when they are faced with a challenge – a challenge that requires that little bit extra from them. At IHM, you will find yourself among people who are ready to meet such a challenge, people who exhibit both a driving force to develop themselves and a willingness to change. It is the exchange of experience between the participants that is an important source of insight here. Up to the minute research, authentic business cases and extensive training under the guidance of skilled specialists from Trade & Industry also combine to give confidence and enhanced expertise.

At IHM old truths and myths are challenged in order to create the conditions and ability to change and develop newly-acquired competitiveness. You study and learn in parallel with your job, giving you the advantage of being able to continually test your new skills in your professional role.

Management with an ability to actively manage and develop the business

How much can you increase the commitment and performance of your organization by putting both the customer and the employee on centre-stage? Management is about continually improving and developing the business whilst at the same time ensuring sufficient profitability and liquidity. At IHM, you are given the answers to exactly what is required for your business to perform better the following day. You receive a rich and valuable exchange of experience with people who face similar challenges to you, transforming your collective thoughts and ideas into action plans. Through authentic case studies and real-life examples you will be trained to see new opportunities and find different paths than those trodden by your competitors. Lessons that you can directly incorporate into your working life.


Our Certificate Programs are for those who wish to develop their career in tandem with their working life. New insights, tools and practical training increase competitiveness and better equip the student to meet the challenges of day-to-day business life. The programs may be taken individually, or as a wider package of four Certificate Programs leading to a DIHM Diploma in Business Administration.

Our Certificate Programs:

• IHM Business Management*                   

• IHM Business Finance*

• IHM Project Management*

• IHM Operations Management*

• IHM Strategic Marketing*

• IHM Key Account Management*

Final Comprehensive Project DIHM

*) Part of the IHM Diploma in Business Administration 


Modern leadership that gives desired effects

Achieving results is a way of measuring the impact of your leadership. Your employees' performance and actions on the market is another way. We focus heavily on increasing the power of leadership and developing the ability to lead employees in times of constant change. This creates confidence, commitment and a ‘tour de force’ that is hard to beat.

Our leadership programs start from the participant’s specific challenges, both business-related and personal. Here, our aim is to increase the impact of the leadership and develop the individual’s ability to lead towards goals and results. IHM’s leadership programs give the student the knowledge, insight and business focus needed in trade and industry today. There are also experienced mentors who support students in achieving their full potential.  

Our Leader Programs:

• IHM Personal Leadership

• IHM Developmental Leadership

• IHM Change Management

• IHM EQ Leadership

• IHM Strategic Management & Leadership

• IHM High Performance Management  


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