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Tech Start-up Training

Build, test, validate and pitch your Tech Startup Idea for angel investors.

Build, test, validate and pitch your Tech Startup Idea for real investors. In 8 weeks, you will learn how to turn your idea into a real product, make it desirable to customers and investors and kickstart your journey with other entrepreneurs.

Biner helps you turn your idea into reality

Biner has over 20 years of experience in tech and business in consulting, providing training courses and partnering with Startups. In this course, you will get Biners expertise from working in tech and with Startups, combined with proven international frameworks and methods, such as The Lean Startup. You will learn how to design a protype of your tech product, test value propositions, revenue and sales model and secure a business case for launching your product. 


Who this course is for

Whether you’re working on innovations inside an existing business or organization, or you’re an entrepreneur ready to bring your tech idea to life, this course will allow you to realize your idea and the opportunity to pitch your idea at the end of the course to Angel Investors. 

Meet the investors


Course Dates and location

Starts autum 2022


8 weeks

10 x 4-hour training sessions
Tuesdays and Thursdays 3.00 - 7.00 pm

Course Fee

39 500 kr excluding VAT
49 375 kr including VAT


Lena Apler - Founder Collector and Investor

One of the investors in SVT Draknästet and a passionate and highly respected business profile. She is the Founder of Collector and Collector Bank. A board member of Skistar and the Swedish American Chambers of Commerce. Member of Advisory Board BLQ and Co-founder of 17 Nätverket and advisor to Wellstreet Group.


Niklas Forser - CEO Leverage

Founder of Strategy Consultants Leverage who has helped 200+ companies building clear strategies based on a Business, Behaviour and Brand. Co-Founder of the Personal Improvement App Remente. Commercial coach with focuson assisting companies and leaders to leverage their potential and maximizing output through effective communication. Speaker with focus on organizational and human potential and a Licensee of TEDxGöteborg.


Niklas Ohlén - partner Västkustens Affärsänglar

Partner at Västkustens Affärsänglar and a start-up investor. Serial Entrepreneur within the Event, Real Estate and Trade Industry. Niclas started his career in International B2B Sales within strategic industrial raw materials. Today he is involved in over 10 start-ups as an Owner, Board Member, and Advisory Board Member.


Lars Lundgren and Henrik Attefors

Lars Lundgren and Henrik Attefors founded Biner in 2001. Biner consists of three main areas: providing consultants to support companies with digitalization, training managers, project managers, and specialists in digitalizing their business using the latest trends and partnerships with tech startups. Lars and Henrik invest financially and offer consultants to coach and work with early-stage startups.


  • De-risk your business and increase the possibility of success for your Startup Idea by applying best practices from The Lean Startup.
  • Quickly validate your tech idea with users and understand the market potential.
  • Learn how to design your tech solution with, user stories, user journey mapping, and prototyping.
  • Identify your Early Adaptors and learn from them, testing your product idea and revenue plan with them.
  • Build a Product Roadmap, Feature backlog, and corresponding cash flow.
  • Produce an investor presentation and pitch your idea to Angel Investors.


After taking this course, you should be able to critically evaluate your idea, validate it with customers, build a prototype with sellable features identified through early customer engagement and finally, present a compelling investment case to Angel Investors.


Have a Tech Idea and willingness to explore and learn.


Tech Startup Diploma


Course Description

Biner igen.PNG


The instructor

The course will be instructed and led by Marie Bredberg. Throughout the course, guest speakers and other Biner Consultants will join in to support the learning of modules and provide coaching and inspiration.

Marie Bredberg is a Business Consultant and Investment Manager with Biner and has 15 years of experience working globally in business and technology. As an Investment Manager, Marie works with and coaches Early-Stage entrepreneurs, innovators, and engineers from idea to finding product market fit.

Marie specializes in idea validation, identifying and validating value propositions and turning those into technical features that make up the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Marie’s coaching is grounded in a Lean Startup perspective and focuses on business ideas and digital solutions that bring value to customers. Currently, Marie is a Business Owner for a Ecommerce Platform, guiding development teams from idea to product launch, and leading market strategy to ensure a lean and profitable product development.


Learn how you can use the principles of Lean Startup and Biner Startup Partners Approach to evaluate your idea and Market scope and potential. 


To get the most out of this course, come prepared with a customer need and an idea for a new tech product. It could be something from your current role or an idea you are hoping to start from scratch. You’ll develop this business idea as you move through the course. 

  1. Introduction
  • Course structure
  • Investor presentation template
  • Expectations / Outputs 
  1. Lean and Agile Mindset
  • Thinking Lean
  • Work iteratively 
  • The Startup journey 
  1. The Idea & Problem 
  • Finding the right idea 
  • A good problem worthy of investment
  • The Unfair Advantage
  • Problem and hypothesis statement 
  1. Market scope  
  • Market opportunity 
  • Market size 
  • Alternative solutions 
  • Competitors
  • Lean Business Case
  • Market Validation 


Identify your early adopters, their problem pain points, and your unique value propositions, and capture User Stories and Requirements that tie your product to your value propositions.  

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Identify Early Adaptors
  • Define Engagement Strategy
  • Data Collection techniques
  •  Problem Synthesis Matrix and Value Propositions
  • Capturing User Requirements
  • User Stories
  • User Journey flows
  • Requirement's specification list


  • Critically analyse the identified Problem and Market
  • Design and execute a customer engagement strategy
  • Build a Problem Synthesis Matrix and Value Propositions
  • Start the Lean Business Case


Based on a prioritized list of Value Propositions and User Stories, learn how to build a prototype to be used to test your customer's interest, feedback, and willingness to buy. 

    • Presentation and feedback of homework
    • Theoretical and practical application, workshops, and group presentations.
    • Prototyping Tools
    • Testing and Feedback
    • Pivot, Continue Building, or Scrap it
    • Early adaptors as users

    Practical Application: 

    Continue interviewing and presenting your idea to potential customers and collecting feedback.

Week 5

Learn how to prioritize your backlog by applying a “Lean” mentality and customers' feedback on your prototype.

  • Prioritizing
  • Feature Backlog
  • Soft launch, early adaptors strategy, and feedback loop
  • Product Roadmap

  • Group work & presentations:
    Prioritized Feature Backlog
    Product Roadmap
    Customer Feedback
    Practical Application: 

Continue updating and prioritizing your feature backlog by presenting your prototype with customers and collecting feedback.


  • Complete the Lean Business Case
  • Design your solution using Proto.io, ppts, or another tool of choice
  • Conduct at least 1 feedback session with Test Group
  • Optional Coaching (30 mins per student/group)


Now it’s time to strengthen your investment case, by developing your Company and team, Go to Market strategy, business case, and working on your pitch to investors. 

  • Marketing and selling your product
  • Working with customers
  • Strengthening the Business Case
  • Building your team
  • Partnerships
  • Financing
  • Understanding investors
  • Presentation pitch


  • 20 min per group
  • 6 – 9 cases


Biner has over 20 years of experience in tech and business in consulting, providing training courses and partnering with Startups. Biner specializes in business analysis and technical requirements, enterprise architecture and developing tech solutions. Biner provides coaching and expertise in these areas to early Startups. Biners supports Startups with idea, market, and customer validation, finding product market fit, and business and financing mentorship.