Tailor-made programs

Our programs can be designed and delivered tailor-made – right to the heart of your core business.


IHM Business School offers advanced business programs in Marketing, Leadership, Sales, Communication, Finance and Economics for enterprises and individual professionals seeking growth and development opportunities in the business community.

Our courses provide continuous interaction between theory and practice, enabling you to learn from the experience of others in various group processes. You are trained to apply your expertise in realistic problem solving scenarios from your own business. This enables you to give your company a direct return on its investment. An IHM education leads to new expertise and skills that can immediately be applied in a professional role.

IHM has significant experience in customized business programs for companies and organizations. Our objective is to raise skill levels in the fields of sales, marketing, finance, business communication and management.

According to surveys, 94.4% of companies responded that the relevance and topical nature of IHM’s training is high or very high.

The structure of our customized training is based on all the experience we have gained in almost 50 years as Trade & Industry’s training partner in; business development, marketing, sales, leadership development and business finance. It is for this reason therefore, that we can quickly and confidently develop programs that not only match the customer's unique needs but also provide measurable results.

In addition, we strive to mentor group development within management teams and also run talent-grooming programs for ‘high potentials’. Moreover, we implement development programs for employees and other functions within the organization. Thus, when choosing a private academy for long-term competence development, distinct opportunities exist to coordinate such training with your strategic and results-oriented business objectives.

Also, according to surveys, 95.2% of companies believe that a high or very high degree of IHM’s training can be applied directly in the business.

Our courses can be held on our customers’ premises or at our very own business schools in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Our aim here is to take care of the entire process – encompassing everything from needs’ analysis and planning to coordination, logistics and monitoring - a cost effective way of providing the client with cutting-edge knowledge and expertise.


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