Why IHM?

"Illiterate people in the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn for themselves, learn from others or simply learn new things."

As a leader, you need to fully understand the relationship between people, activities and results. If the company is to grow, individuals must grow. For both managers and employees alike, it is a major challenge to teach and learn in the context of new conditions – as and when they present themselves.

IHM people all have one thing in common; a driving force to develop both themselves and others, coupled with a willingness to change. Here, old truths and outdated approaches are scrapped in favour of new business deals and new ways of achieving better results. This commercially holistic way of thinking and the professionalism and pride that is felt when meeting customers, comes as an added bonus.

At IHM, you and your employees receive the right prerequisites in order to create a competitive company capable of constant renewal. The exchange of experience between the participants is an important source of insight. Authentic business cases and extensive training under the expert guidance of skilled specialists from relevant industries combine to provide expertise and confidence. As a result, this leads to a more dedicated and self-sufficient employee with the ability to transform words into action.


As the market changes, higher demands will be placed on the ability to carry out effective change management and constant renewal. What would your results look like if your colleagues performed 10% better than they do today?


IHM offers professional development at all levels within an organisation with our starting point being the company's and the individual's specific business needs and challenges.

Together, we look at your priorities, specific needs and timetables etc and prepare a program that is fully adapted to the business, the situation and the employees. Moreover, we will mutually decide upon the type of change(s) we want to achieve as well as how the project should be measured, documented and followed up.


The structure of our tailor-made company training is based on everything we have learned in close to 50 years of being the obvious training partner within management, leadership, business development, marketing, sales and business finance. It is with this confidence therefore, that we can rapidly develop and customize cost-effective programs that match unique needs and achieve results. 


Regardless of age, subject or focus, we learn by making our own discoveries and by being able to apply our new-found knowledge practically in everyday life. IHM provides you with unique opportunities to test your knowledge on an on-going basis. This is done partly through short-term tasks and partly through more extensive project work/business projects.


Depending on which program you choose, you will put your knowledge to the test either individually or in groups, with tasks that either originate from your own company or from an industry of which you may have no previous experience. On our Advanced Vocational Education programs, practical application takes place in cases and practical sessions at different companies, giving students the chance to apply their newly-gained knowledge in a real-life situation.

The pedagogical approach at IHM is based on active and blended learning. Knowledge-gathering takes place in various stages in which students gradually advance to higher levels of knowledge. The focus is on experience-based learning with a sound theoretical foundation.

At IHM Business School, students are taught by the business community for the business community. We seek out and carefully select people with long hands-on experience of leading positions in the private sector – people who also have a sound theoretical foundation and the ability to share their knowledge and experience in a vibrant, motivational way. This means that students are taught by people who have an extensive, genuine insight into business in the modern age. Our academic staff is not made up of teachers in the traditional sense of the word, but rather as guides or mentors.


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