Welcome to IHM Business School

IHM Business School is a private, independent business school wholly-owned by the Non-Profit Foundation: IHM. We offer advanced business programs in Marketing, Leadership, Sales, Communication, Finance and Economics for enterprises and individual professionals seeking growth and development opportunities in the business community.


In the 60's,  the majority of the business world was about to catch up with Sweden. What would now be required were more business-oriented, marketing and retail practitioners with the ability to develop new competitiveness within Swedish industry. So, in 1966 the first course at the Institute for Higher Marketing was very much aimed at such professionals. Moreover, extensive experience from trade and industry professionals was seen as a vital ingredient from the very beginning.

IHM’s operations are carried out and based entirely on marketing requirements - being a private alternative for business and leadership development for both companies and individuals alike who want to develop themselves and achieve success. Furthermore, IHM’s education programs always strive to reflect the current business climate. This means that we endeavour to change with the outside world, both in content and format. We offer a wide range of open as well as company-specific training programs both at our business schools in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö - and externally on our customers’ premises. 

All teaching is done in Swedish.


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