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Tommy Persson

Affärsområdeschef IHM Yrkeshögskola – med passion för utbildning och utveckling

There seems to be no need to argue whether digital transformation will, or will not, have great impact on the way we organize education and facilitate learning processes in the future. Undoubtedly, the transformation goes deep into human existence, and has an impact on almost every part of our life. Education and learning couldn't possibly be exceptions. At least not if we should believe in those who says that “We Haven't Seen Anything Yet”:   Furthermore, the fact that this blog post is an assignment of the “E-learning and Digital Cultures” Massive Open Online Course of The University of Edinburgh would be enough evidence that e-learning actually works. I can’t deny, I’m actually reflecting upon the themes of the course by writing this post. Instead, inquiries are raised on how e-learning and online education can use digital technology to improve teaching and learning performances compared to traditional classrooms – rather than if the technology in itself could be used for this ...

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