Welcome to Volvoland!

Welcome to Volvoland! 
We don’t have maps and we don’t have glossaries but you are most welcome!
No really, my days here so far have been great! I’m learning so much I don’t even understand how it all fits up there. But it is true, no maps and no glossaries, I’m thankful my coach Peder is filling all the blanks (which are many).
I find it really interesting, the way such a big company function. It’s like a big shoal of fish, moving in the same direction in perfect harmony, fascinating. Ever seen Finding Nemo? 
I guess it’s the same effect if someone were to move outside the shoal.  You’d most probably die, getting eaten by a shark.
Seeing all the barriers and regulations, that are necessary in big-size companies of course, makes an intrapreneurs heart beat a little bit faster. It’s for sure something that takes time to get used to.
My perspective, with a background working in small, startup alike, companies, is being put to a test. The saying that big (Swedish) companies move to slow and have a tired old fashioned organizational structure, is that true? Inside the walls of Volvo Car Group HQ there are NOT only old grey-haired men with a skeptical approach, there are intrapreneurs questioning the old ways making the company take interesting turns. Volvo passed their 7 year old sales record a couple of weeks ago! A lot have changes since the separation from Ford, and a lot more is coming!



15 januari 2015
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