Welcome to the Volvo Time Machine!

The first New Volvo XC90 exited today the Torslanda productions site! Congratulations Volvo Car!

My guess is that in twenty years people will talk about this car as a landmark in Volvo history!

Located in the harbour with a beautiful view of the archipelago the Volvo Museum is something everyone visiting Gothenburg should see. Walking through the history of cars and the history of Volvo it gets really obvious what an enormous impact this industry have had on this city. Welcome to the Volvo time machine! My personal opinion, Volvo had some good times.... and some really bad ones! :) 

My favourite one was a concept car made by only women. Well, I'm a feminist but that's not the reason I liked it. It was lots of smart solutions for women, extra space for the legs to make it easier to switch from high heels etc. And it was in general very feministic, beautiful. I never thought about that before... But cars are usually pretty masculine. 

Then it was these things.. do I need to explain?

Can you guess how many pieces of lego the body contains?

And oh, yeah, I’d like that!

I think I have been Volvo-fied!
Over and out!


29 januari 2015
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