It is early morning and I’m on the bus, the Volvo bus, traveling through a barren winter landscape. Passing the Älvsborgs Bridge looking out over the quiet harbor of Gothenburg, call me cheesy but it’s damn beautiful. This is actually one of my favorite moments of the day. I wish the bus could stop, just for a minute, so that I can finish my take away coffee facing this beautiful view.

Amanda Bergman singing Vintersaga on the radio enhances the feeling..
The feeling of Sweden. 

She sings about the melancholy “ det stora vemodet”. I don’t know how to interpret that since I think it has a negative touch and the feeling I’m having is calm and warm, I’m feeling home.  

I’m truly impressed by the level that Volvo Cars is taking TV-commercial. It’s more thought through than most understand. 
Volvo honors what is Swedish by including famous swedes who’s taking a stand, making a statement. 
The first ones, Zlatan and Robyn, representing Sweden globally.  Jason Diakité (Timbuktu), Emma Green, Börje Salming and Oskar Linnros, all stadning up for equality. No matter where you are from, your sexual preferences, background or political opinion. We are all the same, we are all family. 

And people say it’s not sexy to drive a Volvo. 
I think that is pretty hot. 



23 januari 2015
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