Soon to be intern!

Hello there!

My name is Hanna Allervik and I'm studying my first year of "Internationell Säljare - B2B" at IHM Business School in Gothenburg. I was asked to write this blog during my internship at Volvo Cars.

Short about me: I chose to start at IHM Business School to get to the next step. I've been working with sales for a couple of years. I started with F2F sales and went on to B2C where I ended up as quality manager, coach and team leader. Lately I've worked with B2B. I felt it was time to, besides getting a diploma, learn more about business. The reason I chose a business school, yrkeshögskola, instead of university was the combination of lecturers, the pedagogy and the 26 weeks of internship. 

I can't wait to start! 


8 januari 2015
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